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I am a close friend and health proxy of a Sea Crest resident. My friend has lived there for ten months and I am so very pleased with the care he receives. I visit him weekly and have had the pleasure of getting to know the staffs who work to care for him. In particular I am so pleased that John has the care of Ms. Edwards, a nurse’s aid, with whom he feels comfortable and safe. She is cheerful and kind, as indeed all of the Sea Crest staff has been. Ms. Edwards attends to his needs with warmth, and John, as difficult as he can be, is very responsive to her in particular.

I also look forward to my weekly visits with the wonderful administrative/social work team of Bill, Natalie, and Megan. I enjoy popping in to the office each time I am there to see these folks who are all so incredibly competent, understanding, and positive. This transition to a nursing home (with several psychiatric and health crises) has been difficult for us both, however, with the team at Sea Crest I feel we are not alone. They are always available by phone or in person to answer questions and attend to concerns. I feel confident that my friend is in a place where his best interest is the focus and that we, his family and friends, are also welcomed. I am so thankful for the staff who work tirelessly and with such patience to care for all the residents at Sea Crest.