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I would like to express sincere gratitude to all the wonderful staff, who was working with my mother after she had knee replacement surgery.

From the moment we finally arrived after being transferred late from the hospital and until her discharge day, she was surrounded by a wonderful group of people. They treated her life family and have done everything professionally and personally, to help her adjustment and return back to her regular life.

Upon arrival we were greeted by many staff members from Admissions, Social work and Physical therapy departments. My mom had a wonderful room and everything was ready to start her rehabilitation process immediately.

Natalie, personally, was available 24/7 gave me her cell #, answered all questions, monitored my mother’s progress and assisted with post discharge planning.

William Kelly, LMSW called me the next day after my mother’s admission and was constantly on the phone with insurance and the hospital to extend her days in Sea Crest to get the full course of Rehabilitation and Physical therapy after her knee replacement surgery.

Jingle, Sam, Olga, Mohammed and many others from Physical therapy became my mom’s best friends working tirelessly on her knee.

Dr. Livshits monitored her Rx and visited her daily to make sure she was not in distress or pain.

Ilya, Sergey and many others who worked on the 6th floor, food assistants, aids and nurses who worked with my mom, thank you so much for all your wonderful work and help. We will recommend Sea Crest as absolutely the best center in Brooklyn.